Refund & Cancellation Policy


We thank you and appreciate your purchase of a Membership Plan with us. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our member, concerning any purchase you make through us. The policy concerning the returns and refund requests, shall be following the clauses as set forth:



  1. As a general rule, The Company allows its members to cancel their Membership at any given time; however, NO REFUND will be given, once the payment has been made. 
  2. A member is not eligible for any refund at all, in any case whatsoever, including refund for unutilised activities.
  3. If a Member cancels their Membership before the expiry of the Membership plan, such Membership will remain in active status, until the end of the term of Membership and will stand cancelled automatically, on expiry of the term. 
  4. All activities and credits of a member shall be considered lost, at the Cancellation or Expiry of the membership. 
  5. After the expiry/cancellation of the Membership, a member can still explore the sections of the platform which are open for exploration.



  1. In the case, of a member failing to renew their membership plan by making the necessary payment at the end of a particular membership plan’s term, new activities cannot be booked or utilised until the Plan is duly renewed. 
  2. Refer & Earn credits and Activity credits earned during a particular membership plan cannot be carried over or rolled over to any subsequent purchases or after renewal, and are applicable ONLY to that particular subscription period. 
  3. In case a member chooses to re-join a plan, after a period of break or gap/ discontinuance,  the Membership will remain active ONLY until the end of its designated Subscription period and will not be extended proportionate to the period of discontinuance.