The Smiling Souls is a fine synergy of technology & human connect brought about by a team of passionate individuals who truly value Seniors and Specials!!!

We seek the blessings of Seniors and wish to be a blessing for the Specials.

Our Story

It all started with a humble beginning as an online Social Initiative in 2020.

The unfortunate outbreak of covid was perhaps the hardest for the seniors and specials. Despite all the gloom around, we saw a ray of hope, our online events & daily digital social engagement were the best possible solution to the boredom and loneliness of the Seniors and Specials.

Thus it became one large global family to make new friends, new bondings and also to begin seeing the Specials in a new light like their grandchildren.

The daily engagement included songs, chitchat, performances, prayers, family achievement etc. This was further strengthened by multiple theme-based online events ensuring loads of entertainment & knowledge sessions. We also had contests, talent shows, patriotic days, global meets, Cultural exchanges etc.

Engaging with 1500+ Smiling Souls families from 8 countries for the past 18 months & getting tons of blessings prompted us to tackle this global issue at a larger scale involving deep technology, customisation & retaining our Human connection.

Hence we followed our dream & started working on this exclusive Happiness & wellness platform for Seniors & Specials.


To spread Happiness & Wellness to Seniors & Specials through continual engagement


To positively impact the lives of millions of seniors & specials through an aggregated human-tech platform.


Compassion, Inclusion, Wellness, Service


To create inclusion, social bonding, empowerment, dignity, care and convenience for seniors & specials, while creating value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem

The Team - Founders

Tejasa Jhaveri
Nidhi Khosla