Frequently Asked Questions

We are a global online engagement platform for seniors and specials that strives to make the lives of our community better. We strive to multiply their  Happiness & Wellness through continual engagement that includes 4 solutions: Fun, Learn, Celebration & a Marketplace for care, comfort & convenience.

We offer live and interactive online sessions on various topics that cover a wide range of topics, such as: singing, dancing, games, yoga, meditation, fitness, art, and much more. Our wide panel of specialists & experts make this possible. “The Smiling Souls” also has a marketplace where consumers can buy senior and special care products and services.

All seniors [above the age of 55] and specially abled are eligible to sign up. We  graciously welcome all those who believe that good things happen in our lives when we surround ourselves with good souls.

The Smiling Souls is currently available as a web platform and would be available to download on both the Play Store and the App Store very soon.

You will need to provide your phone number and a few other basic details to complete the registration/signup on the The Smiling Souls platform.

You can register for our platform on the website or the app that would be available on the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. You just need to follow the easy instructions on the app or website to finish the registration. Once you have done that, you can decide what plan you are subscribing to and then you are all set to explore our platform.

The first step towards attending our sessions is enrolling in our membership plan. Our interactions and activities happen online over our platform. Once you are a member, you can opt to book any event of your choice and attend it. You will need a steady device [phone / tab / laptop / desktop] and a good internet connection. Thus, attending all our events is just a click away.

You can reach us via email at happy@thesmilingsouls.com. If you prefer WhatsApp, you may connect with us at +91-9867207011.

Our specialists are talented individuals who are skilled and experienced in their respective fields. Our Experts are professionals with vast experience, diverse exposure and have the necessary qualification and authority to address the audience.

The Smiling Souls platform automatically generates an OTP for registration and each login. This is for the safety & security of the members. The registration & login process is user friendly & easy.

The Smiling Souls is an online one stop solution for fun filled and learning oriented engaging activities. The activities keep you busy and engaged. Just login, choose the session of your choice, enjoy the session and play/learn from the comforts of your home.


for SENIORS (above age 55) & SPECIALLY-ABLED (age 13 – 30)


Show your Talent & Shine!!!

To participate

  1.   To register, click on: https://thesmilingsouls.com/user-account/ and fill in the details.
  2.   Send a video of your song or dance (not more than 2 minutes) on WhatsApp to 9867206822




Categories for participation:


Seniors Specials
Singing – Male Solo [age 55+] Singing – Male Solo [age 13 – 30]
Singing – Female Solo [age 55+] Singing – Female Solo [age 13 – 30]
Singing – Couple [age 55+] Singing – With a Family member [age 13 – 30]
Dance – Male Solo [age 55+] Dance – Male Solo [age 13 – 30]
Dance – Female Solo [age 55+] Dance – Female Solo [age 13 – 30]
Dance – Couple [age 55+] Dance – With a Family member [age 13 – 30]



Event Timelines:

Registration & Entries: Dec 15, 2023 to Jan 07, 2024

Last date for Entry: January 07, 2024.

Online Auditions: Dec 22, 2023 onwards (for shortlisted Candidates)

Quarterfinals and Semi-finals: Online – Jan 2024.

(for shortlisted Candidates)

Finals to be held in Feb 2024.



Every registered participant gets a Silver Club membership of The Smiling Souls.

Special Vouchers for Quarterfinalists.

Grand Prizes for Semi-finalists / Finalists & Winners (Details to be shared later).


For any other info: call at- 8069701212                                                                                       

T&C Apply: www.TheSmilingSouls.com