Affiliates: Community Enablers

As a corporate, as a brand, your organisation would have positively impacted thousands of customers. You would have left no stone unturned to keep your employees happy. 


Here is another splendid opportunity to take a wonderful initiative for your employees. While you think of creative options and hampers and vouchers for gifting during the festive season, you could gift:

  • Your senior employees with The Smiling Souls membership hamper 
  • Your junior employees  with The Smiling Souls membership hamper for their aging parents/ near & dear. 

By gifting these memberships, you will bring plenty of smiles on their faces and a relief to the younger employees that they can provide immense happiness & wellness to their aging parents without having to personally take time out of their busy schedule. 


There are many needy around you. You have a splendid opportunity to Sponsor a Cause and become an integral part of The Smiling Souls. Join hands for making the world a better place to live for Seniors & Specials.

  • Happiness & Wellness
  • Entertainment & Connect
  • Convenience & Care
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent & Glory
  • Community & Celebrations
  • This is the best gift that you would be giving to your employees 
  • This is the best substitute when people cannot give their own time and presence to their parents
  • This platform gives them inclusion, social bonding, empowerment and dignity.