You know you have achieved a lot in life. 

Challenges you overcame, gave life a high five. 

You surely have a legend to share 

The world is ready 

You’ve always wanted to share your life experiences with the world…. but  wondered how! Biopics and biographies are usually the privileges of celebrities, sportsmen and politicians and such other extraordinary people!

We, at The Smiling Souls believe in the extraordinary achievements of ordinary people and create BIOPICS of the members,  for the world to know their life time achievements. 

You will now see yourself in a completely different light and thus be super proud of yourself and your accomplishments!!!

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  • You
  • Your Life till now
  • Your Life Ahead
  • A lifetime opportunity to compile your life achievements and share with the world
  • Glory & fame
  • A memoir for life time for yourself and a legacy that you will leave for generations