Catering the demands of the Senior citizen is a mandatory duty of the government. The government cannot overlook their needs simply because they may not currently contribute to the economy as much as the younger population does, considering that during their younger years, they made significant contributions on their behalf.

In this article, I’ll list Five significant expectations that senior citizens have of the government to ensure an easy and secure life for them.

Elderly Abuse Protection:

The recent cases of crimes against Elderly citizens have urged Senior citizens to demand stronger laws and resources to protect them from abuse and exploitation. Their vulnerability makes them easy victims of crimes like murder, dacoity and domestic violence.

Companionship Services:

Seniors are just like children; they, too, require constant supervision and a companion who can provide them with support and aid whenever needed, just like children have a nanny. Thus, senior citizens require Companionship Services to combat their isolation through social activities and companionship initiatives.

Senior Employment Opportunities:

The government provides pension facilities to senior citizens who work in the government sector, but it is only for some. Financial independence is a basic need for all, important for senior citizens who do not have anyone to support them financially. Senior citizens demand Programs and incentives that provide them with part-time or flexible job opportunities that are senior-friendly.

Subsidised facilities:

With limited financial resources, Subsidised healthcare, Transportation, housing, food and all other basic facilities are the ultimate demands of Seniors.

Grandparent Rights:

In challenging family situations, older people advocate and ask the government to make laws and provide them legal rights and access to visit their grandchildren to spend time with their grandchildren. They also advocate for custody of their grandchildren amid any situation when either parent denies taking custody or any “other” situation.

In conclusion, there are numerous demands from senior citizens that deserve attention. It is crucial for the government to establish and enforce appropriate laws and regulations to address these needs, as senior citizens, like all other citizens, contribute through their votes with the expectation of receiving support and recognition for their concerns.